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You can't make this shit up...

2 March
I drink too much water. Sometimes I fear that I'm sinking into oblivion.
I have a forgettable face, but not a forgettable height.
I work at a desk and get paid to do mostly nothing.
I work at a sandwich shop and get better at it everyday.
I love my Jena, my Roofus, my Bigum and my cheese.
11:11, 311, applebee's, army pants and flip-flops, autumn, autumns monologue, banana creme pie, bbq boneless wings, being barefoot, being outside, being sarcastic, being spontaneous, biting my nails, blink 182, bonfires, boston, boxcar racer, boys with longish hair, broken in jeans, cheese, chicago, chick-fil-a, chicken, chocolate, counting crows, crazy hair, crushes, daisy fields, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, donuts, dreaming, dreaming of warm weather, dreams, drinking capuccino, driving the sabre, eating food, el scorcho, emo, fashion, fiction we live, fighting with jay, flirting, forever 21, fresh starts, from autumn to ashes, get up kids, gilmore girls, going to boardman, goldfinger, guys, holding hands, homegrown, hooded sweatshirts, hot hot heat, hot miniskirts, hot pink!, hugs, ice cream, ikea, jack johnson, jena, jennifer worthcum, jim morrison, jimmy eat world, john mayer, josh kelley, kissing, knee high boots, knit scarves, konstantine, laughing, leebis, lucky boys confusion, making out, mare, maria, maroon 5, meeting cool people, meeting new people, memories, mini-me, music, my friends, my porch!, new found glory, no school, nyc, ohio state, panera, peace, peanut butter, perkins, pink, pink + black anything, pink headbands, poetry, potatos, r.e.m., rascal flatts, reading, requiem for a dream, sabre, saves the day, scarves, sex and the city, shamrock on, shopping, ska, sleeping, smores, snowboarding, soft hair, something corporate, spartawuggy, spring, sprinkles, spunky hair, stargazing, starting line, stripes, sublime, sum41, summer, taking back sunday, talking, the 60s, the ataris, the cure, the doors, the get up kids, the postal service, the wallflowers, thrift shopping, thrift stores, thursday, tight pants, victoria's secret laundry detergent, village, vintage, volunteering, warren ohio, writing, yellowcard