kaleidoscope. (pinkblink32) wrote,

Did this party of two have you slightly confused?

How do you drown out the noise of the expectations of other people for your life? How do people not constantly compare everything they do to everyone else? I try so hard to put my blinders on and focus on what is important to me, my happiness, my different life track to everyone else but then this pressure creeps in to do everything by the book. Why are you not married yet? Why are you still in an entry-level job? Why do you drink so much? Why do you spend so much time sitting on the couch doing nothing but watching the days melt away? How are some people so content to live with their choices and be happy with what they have and not worry about what they don't? My life is going good. So why do I need to constant reminders that this is the case?

My obsession with drama is keeping me from reaching my full potential.

She was right to take off before she was consumed.....
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