kaleidoscope. (pinkblink32) wrote,

Just kiss me before I go

Everything is falling into place and life is going ridiculously well. How did I get so lucky?
I'm listening to Nightingale by Saves the Day on repeat. I did this as well on Sam's birthday after everyone had gone into town and I reflected on the insanity of the night and I laughed to myself and felt like I was in a new place that was safe and hilarious and amazing. I felt so warm and fuzzy and as though the feeling would never leave.
My new friend Alice went home for the weekend which makes me jealous. I wish I could just pop home for a few days like I used to...arrive home in the evening, play cards with my Dad and drink many wines, himself moving onto some cheap straight liquor from a plastic bottle. Then going in my pink room and exploring all of the relics from my past, staying up much later than I should sitting in the glow. I miss those times, they felt so comfy. Sad that everyone has to grow up and move on. What if we could live in one life stage forever? I guess the point of life is growing and moving on and making something of your life- but why do we have to? I suppose if you didn't you'd be stuck in Tuck Everlasting- everyone else is growing and moving on and you're just staying the same. Probably people today would relate this more to the Cullen vampire books or whatever. Blah, that movie and book was just horrible- not worthy of a cultural reference in the slightest!

I am so bad at typing lately- my fingers have gone wonky. Weird.

Ceilings don't exist and there are no floors beneath me.
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