kaleidoscope. (pinkblink32) wrote,

Be a part of the Love Club, everything will glow for you

Lately I started thinking of my head as this hotel. So many drifters living there, rent free, taking up space and I wanted them to get out but short of physically lifting them up myself and throwing them on the street, I couldn't get rid of them. Like a seedy hotel that used to be this fabulous place 20 years ago but now people had hung around too long and things became decrepit.

Now, I guess I feel better. I feel like I just want to be as young as I can for as long as possible. Probably going to work tomorrow will change this and bring me back to my hotel of horrors, but for now I'm 25 for a moment, I feel better than ever.

I love this life, but no one in the world fully knows every little bit of me and I kind of don't mind.
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