kaleidoscope. (pinkblink32) wrote,

Alice is awesome

Fuckkkk. It happened again. I went for a job and didn't get it at TM. This is the fourth time this has happened. I literally have a problem!! The first few times this happened I was like, OK, I have a problem. But now it's like no one has a problem, I just need to find somewhere I do fit. I'm trying so hard to not be negative but it's difficult. I just thought I had this one in the bag. Much like I thought about the last jobs (prop and ads, that is) but this one was actually based on skill and I think I totally had it in the bag until the interview, which maybe I blew because I had a cold and also acted too much like myself. Or maybe it's just this stupid reputation I've built that precedes me. Fuckkkk.

Anyways, I'm also sick at the moment. I'm in Auckland and I spent the whole day just being like "Im over this job and these people, I can't wait for this new challenge" and then...bam. I get an email telling me that I did not get the job. My soul was literally crushed. I felt like my world, yet again, was falling apart.

Alice was awesome and let me hang at her place, eat food, watch TV, be a complainer. She's a good bitch. Someday I'll something, like Al. Yea, that's right, someday I AM GOING TO SOMETHING!!

But in the meantime, Fuck.
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