kaleidoscope. (pinkblink32) wrote,

I know I shouldn't waste my time, Wishing I'd been better designed

Things have been good lately. Spring has sprung and it is evident everywhere! Drinks, friends, sunshine, Samuel, longer days, it's all on. Work on the other hand has hit the shitter. It's Sunday night and I couldn't think of anything less appealing then going in to work tomorrow. The main point of contention in the boss three levels above me- I swear he hates me and it really brings me down. I'm not used to being so pedantically disliked by someone and I can't really determine the reasoning behind it. It makes me so depressed. Also, I am in that place again where I constantly feel like I'm going to mess things up. It's just so stressful- I've never been so bad at a job in my life before. Last time this happened I had a holiday and felt heaps better so I am guessing that will be the magical remedy this time around as well. Too bad holiday time is 1 month and 14 days awayyyyy. Lame.

Samuel has been amazing lately. He just makes me laugh so much and daily I'm reminded why I am with him. Our only issue is that we have constant niggly little fights about stupid things and we both become irrational so quickly. But we're both working on examining situations more in-depth before reacting. Eeek it's hard to be human sometimes.

Rugby World Cup is in full swing and it's mattered more to me than I ever could have imagined it would. I've loved watching the games and getting really into the sport. Right now I'm on the outs with my flatmate over practical jokes. I hate practical jokes. I drew a penis on his face with a highlighter last weekend because he came home and threw noodles all over the kitchen. Laaame make it stop. Need to learn more tips from Gossip Girl.

I wish I wasn't always a constant ball of worry.
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